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  1. pick up

    • ph.
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    • ph.
    • 1. 用汽車搭載某人或接某人

      I'll pick you up at 7 o'clock. 7點鐘我開車來接你。

      He picked up a hitch-hiker. 他中途讓個搭便車的人上了車。

    • 2. 【口】【貶】偶然結識某人

      He picked up the girl at a college disco. 他在學校的迪斯科舞會上偶然結識了那姑娘。

      She's living with some man she picked up on holiday. 她與一個在假日認識的男人同住。

    • 3. 救起某人(如從海上)

      The lifeboat picked up all the survivors. 救生船救起了全部幸存者。

    • 4. (指警方等)逮捕某人(如為訊問)

      The police picked him up as he was trying to leave the country. 他正要離開該國時, 警方把他捉住了。

      He was picked up and taken for questioning. 他被拘捕接受審訊。

    • 5. 責備某人

      She picked him up for using bad language. 她指責他出言不遜。

    • ph. 舉起或抬起; 拿起; 拾起

    • He picked up the child and put her on his shoulders. 他抱起孩子讓她騎在自己的肩膀上。

      I picked up your bag by mistake. 我錯拿了你的手提包。

    • 提取,搭便車

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    • ph. 通過實踐學會(外語、技術等)

    • She soon picked up French when she went to live in France. 她到法國居住後很快學會了法語。

      The children have picked up the local accent. 孩子都學會了當地口音了。

    • ph. 站起來(尤指跌倒後)

    • Pick yourself up and brush yourself down. 自己站起來, 把衣服撣乾淨。

    • ph. 【美】【口】了解到; 注意到

    • I was the only one to pick up on what the teacher was really saying. 我是唯一明了老師真正在說什麼的人。

      We need to pick up on what's going on here. 我們需要了解一下這裡的情形。

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    • ph.
    • The boy picked up the hat for the old man. 男孩替老人拾起了帽子。


    • ph.
    • The boy picked up the hat for the old man. 男孩替老人拾起了帽子。
    • vt.
      拿起; 抱起; 撿起
    • if you need me, just pick up the telephone 如果需要幫忙,就給我打電話

      to pick up the pieces 收拾殘局

    • vi.
      改善; 好轉
    • v refl
    • to pick oneself up 爬起來

      she picked herself up after the divorce 她從離婚打擊中恢復過來

    • ph.

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