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  1. pick up on

    • ph.
      【美】【口】了解到; 注意到
    • 釋義


    • 1. 【美】【口】了解到; 注意到 I was the only one to pick up on what the teacher was really saying. 我是唯一明了老師真正在說什麼的人。 We need to pick up on what's going on here. 我們需要了解一下這裡的情形。
  2. 知識+

    • pick up該如何造句??

      ...ll ask duncan to drive me to the airport. I can rely on him to pick me up on time. 片語:pick up + 人 = pick + 人 + up = pick + 代名詞 + up (搭載某人...

    • 幫忙找動詞片語造句

      ... radar screen. 他們在雷達屏上看到了那艘遊艇。 I was able to pick you up on the short wave radio. 我能用短波收音機收聽到你的信號。 The equipment picked...

    • 英文選擇題求解 take on, pick up, seek voluntary work to enrich their life experiences. (A) take on (B) pick up (C) seek out (D) appeal to 正解: (A) take on 學校應鼓勵...