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    • picnic這字到底怎麼用?

      ... basket, → picnic basket blanket, hamper, rug, set, table, lunch, tea , area, place, site, spot 以上是picnic的用法,沒有have picnicking 的用法。

    • 英文寫作~急 題目:We went to a picnic

      ... days ago, we went on the picnic reaching the destination . which we were often...17 Kilometers Coastline Scenic Area . In the Windy city, the city of ...

    • 文章中文翻英文,有請英文達人。

      ... Mountain in Taipei is a small picnic hill less than 1,000 meters high. Fatal ... Cheng Mountain till the long-grass area, which is about 900 meters high and between the...