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  1. pictorials

    • pictorial的名詞複數
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    • 請問詩情畫意的英文要怎說

      Poetic and pictorial splendor 其實英文也有成語字典...

    • 請問英文 立體圖 怎樣說??

      ...中翻英,英翻中專有名詞 關於立體圖,找到的有例如: 航空太空 stereogram 工程圖學 pictorial drawing / three dimensional view 統計學 solid diagram / stereogram 測量學 alto...

    • 一篇短文,求中翻英

      ... a gift (from god) that make others even more jealous... This pictorial book is the continue of Jimmy's [Subway], it was...