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  1. pig lead


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    • 有些英文填空不會寫 請幫忙^^

      ...the cat 你不會說話啦? 8. horse 師父領進門修行在個人 9. X 第3題我猜是Pig 第6題我猜是cancer 第9題是真的不會了

    • 可以幫我校正一下英文嗎?謝謝

      ...commercial spies or paparazzi. 人怕出名豬怕肥 ★ People fear fame as pigs fear fat. 誰能解決現今之困擾,誰就是這市場上—下一個領先者 ★ ...

    • 拜託大家幫我翻一篇文章(中翻英)

      ... the fan in order to find a clue to the supernatural pig's incantation made mat Dacca, in the western... in the brave and noble-minded war storm . Lead the black cap governor who makes iron group, in order to...