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  1. pile

    • IPA[pʌɪl]


    • n.
      a heap of things laid or lying one on top of another;a large amount of something
    • v.
      place (things) one on top of the other;be stacked or loaded with
    • verb: pile, 3rd person present: piles, gerund or present participle: piling, past tense: piled, past participle: piled

    • noun: pile, plural noun: piles

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    • stack pile

      ... a stack of something -- a stack of money a pile of something -- a pile of money it is a stack pile of...cargo Another word to use for messy or unorderly piles or stacks would be heaps stones...

    • 商英 -export cases dead piled in

      Export cases dead-piled in container or on pallets. 出口貨箱緊密的堆疊於貨櫃中或棧板上。 http...

    • pile和bile為什麼唸起來一樣?

      翻譯機的發音因為透過機器所以聽起來差不多p 的發音比較輕只有氣 以注音來舉例p類似ㄆ兒 b 的口型與 p 相同但是喉嚨要發音 類似ㄅ