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  1. pin someone down

    • ph.
      force someone to be specific or make a commitment
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    • ph.
      restrict the actions or movement of an enemy by firing at them

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • pin down的意思跟用法?

      ...位置。 I can only pin it down to between 1936-1950。將範圍縮至1936-1950。 someone down, you force them to make a decision or to tell youwhat their decision ...

    • pinned her ass down 是什麼意思??

      樓上那位不對了。 這是美式英文不能字面解析。 這個意思真確來講是“我會給你好看﹗﹗﹗” 雖然字面上的意思完全不同。 但是意思確實是這個。 用途是當一個人很生氣時說﹕“我會給她好看﹗﹗﹗﹗” 對方可以是男生或女生

    • 麻煩給我這幾個字的”英文解釋”

      ...隨時在提出來喔! instruction to tell someone how to do something simple something that is not very hard to do pin a solid metal material that can be use... sprinkle something spreeading down single one or unmarried drop ...