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  1. pin something down

    • ph.
      define something precisely
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    • ph.
      define or identify something precisely

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • pin down的意思跟用法?

      1. If you try to pin something down, you try to discover exactly what, where or when it ...決定或告訴你他們的決定。(可翻約束、牽制) 如:pin him down to a date 希望對你有所幫助!

    • 請求翻譯高手 英翻中 (超急!!20點)

      ... difficulty result from its imprecision. Although the poet may pin down the meaning of his symbol to something fairly definite and precise,as O'Reilly does in "A...

    • 麻煩給我這幾個字的”英文解釋”

      ...simple something that is not very hard to do pin a solid metal material that can be use to fasten ... used for washimg dishes sprinkle something spreeading down single one or unmarried drop When something...