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  1. pinch

    • KK[pɪntʃ]
    • DJ[pintʃ]


    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
      捏,擰;夾[C];夾痛,擠痛[the S]
    • 過去式:pinched 過去分詞:pinched 現在分詞:pinching

    • 名詞複數:pinches

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 捏,擰;夾痛,軋痛 The new shoes pinch me at the toe. 新鞋太緊軋痛我的腳趾。
    • 2. 掐掉(嫩枝等);修剪[(+out/off/back)] He decided to pinch back the buds on the plant. 他決定將植物上的芽掐掉。
    • 3. 使疼痛;使苦惱;使消瘦[H][(+with)] The cold pinched his face. 他的臉凍得發痛。 Her face was pinched by hunger. 她的臉因飢餓而消瘦了。
    • 4. 使感拮据,使感缺乏[H][(+for)] I'm pinched for money. 我手頭拮据。
    • 5. 勒索,詐取[(+from/out of)] He tried to pinch money out of me. 他試圖勒索我的錢。
    • 6. 【俚】偷取;擅自拿取 His cousin caught him pinching apples. 他偷吃蘋果時被他表兄抓住。
    • 7. 【俚】逮捕;拘留[H][(+for)] He was pinched for pushing drugs. 他因販賣毒品被捕。


    • 1. 夾痛;擠痛 Where does that shoe pinch? 那隻鞋什麼地方太緊?
    • 2. (向裡)擠壓,收縮[(+in)]
    • 3. 節省;吝惜[(+on)] I had to pinch on food to buy that book. 為了買那本書,我不得不在吃的方面省儉。
    • 4. 【美】(礦脈等)狹縮,變薄[(+out)] The road pinched down to a trail. 大路漸漸變窄,成了羊腸小道。


    • 1. 捏,擰;夾[C] He gave her a pinch on the face. 他在她臉上擰了一下。
    • 2. 夾痛,擠痛[the S] He suffered from the pinch of his tight shoes. 他受鞋緊擠痛之苦。
    • 3. (一)撮,少量[S][(+of)] Put a pinch of sugar in the soup. 在湯裡加一小撮糖。
    • 4. 緊缺,匱乏[the S] We felt the pinch after Father lost his job. 父親失業之後,我們感到手頭拮据了。
    • 5. 緊要時刻,緊急情況[the S] I will help you in a pinch. 有緊急情況我會幫助你。
    • 6. 【俚】逮捕;拘留 The police found the dope when they made the pinch. 警察搜捕時發現了毒品。
    • 7. 【俚】偷竊


    vt. 捏,擰;壓