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  1. pine away

    • ph.
      (因悲哀)憔悴, 消瘦(而死)
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    • ph.
    • 1. (因悲哀)憔悴, 消瘦(而死)

      She lost interest in living and just pined away. 她已了無生趣, 日漸憔悴。

      She seems to be pining away. 她似乎日益消瘦。


    (因悲哀)憔悴, 消瘦(而死)

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    • pine跟pant 有什麼不同

      Pine (vi) 1.消瘦,衰弱,憔悴 (+ away) 2.痛苦,悲哀(+ for) 3.渴望(+ for/after) 例: The girl was...其實兩個都是通用的~ 但比較常用的是Pine

    • 希臘神話"中翻英"!! love with Apollo, who made her no return. So she pined away, sitting all day long upon the coldground, with her unbound ...

    • 莎士比亞~無事自憂

      ...eavesdrop on a conversation in which they discuss how Beatrice is secretly pining away for love of him. Tricked, Benedick resolves to "...