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  1. piping bag

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    • 英文-----幫我我不會寫QAQ

      1.B 2.D 3.D 4.A 1.The chopsticks on the table are mine. 2.What a expensive refrigerator! 3.Jack, please don't fix the washing machine for me. 4.Please turn it off when you are in the library.(it...

    • 尋找好心人幫我修改文章~~~

      ...short circuit first. We had left two bags of electrical clay in the control box and had ...electrical clay had to be stuffed into the outlet of pipe for electric codes to seal. to prevent dangerous ...

    • 請幫我用英文翻譯下列句子,20點,謝謝。

      ... put their stuffs in the plastic bag and carried them back to home. 3。jonh告訴...跑過院子淋到矮樹上 He connected the water pipe to the tap . Then he opened it , running...