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  1. pit

    • IPA[pɪt]



    • n.
    • vt.
      使…競爭;使…有凹陷; 在…上留斑點
    • 過去式:pitted 過去分詞:pitted 現在分詞:pitting

    • 名詞複數:pits

    • 釋義


    • 1. 深坑 to be at the bottom of a deep pit 情緒跌入低谷 a black pit of depression 灰心沮喪的深淵
    • 2. 凹陷 the spaceship's hull was covered in tiny pits 宇宙飛船的船體上布滿了坑坑窪窪的小洞
    • 3. 礦井; 煤礦 to work at the pit 在煤礦工作 to work down the pit 在井下工作
    • 4. 麻子
    • 5. the pit of the or one's stomach 心窩 a feeling of fear/anxiety in the pit of one's stomach 深深的恐懼感/焦慮感
    • 6. 交易場地 a wheat pit 小麥交易場
    • 7. 鬥獸場 a bear/cock pit 鬥熊場/鬥雞場
    • 8. 果核


    • 1. 使…競爭 to be pitted against sb. 與某人競爭 to pit one's wits against sb. 與某人鬥智
    • 2. 使…有凹陷; 在…上留斑點 the disease had pitted her face with pockmarks 這場病弄得她滿臉麻子
    • 3. 去除…的核