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  1. pitch

    • IPA[pɪtʃ]



    • n.
    • vt.
      投擲;確定…的標準; 確定…的目標市場; 使…有針對性
    • vi.
    • 過去式:pitched 過去分詞:pitched 現在分詞:pitching

    • 釋義
    • 片語
    • n.
    • 1. 場地

      a football/rugby/hockey/cricket pitch 足球場/橄欖球場/曲棍球場/板球場

      on/off the pitch 在場上/場下

    • 2. 音高

      to rise in pitch 提高聲調

      a note of a higher/lower pitch 音調較高/較低的音符

    • 3. 強度; 頂點

      a pitch of tension/anticipation/terror 緊張/期待/恐懼的程度

      to be at one's (highest) or at full pitch 達到極點

    • 4. 攤位; 表演地點
    • 5. 宣傳用語

      a sales/campaign pitch 推銷用語/競選口號

      to make one's pitch 作自我宣傳

    • 6. 顛簸
    • 7. 投球; 投球方法

      the pitch was easily hit 投出的球被輕易擊中了

    • 8. 彈跳點
    • 9. 下旋高球
    • 10. 斜度
    • 11. 斜坡

      to climb the most difficult pitch 爬最難攀爬的坡段

    • vt.
    • 1. 投擲

      the explosion pitched her into the air 爆炸把她拋向空中

      the new government has already been pitched into a crisis 新政府已經陷入危機

    • 2. 確定…的標準; 確定…的目標市場; 使…有針對性

      to pitch sth. at sb. 使某事物針對某人

      a newspaper/programme pitched at young people 面向年輕人的報紙/節目

    • 3. 為…定音高

      to pitch a song in a higher key 給歌起調高一些

      to be pitched at the right level 音調定得恰到好處

    • 4. 使重重摔倒

      the rider was pitched off his horse 騎手從馬背上摔了下來

    • 5. 扔

      he pitched the cigarette end into the fire 他把煙蒂扔進了火堆

      pitch it! 扔掉它!

    • 6. 搭

      to pitch camp 紮營

    • 7. 投

      the ball was pitched low/at the batter's head 球投得很低/對準擊球手的頭部投出

    • 8. 使定點落地
    • 9. 把…擊成下旋高球

      he pitched the ball close to the hole 他打出的下旋高球落在洞口附近

    • 10. 使傾斜

      the roof was pitched at an angle of 75 degrees 屋頂呈75度傾斜

    • vi.
    • 1. 猛然摔出

      the rider pitched over the fence/into the water/off his horse 騎手摔過了圍欄/摔下來落入水中/從馬上摔下來

    • 2. 顛簸

      to pitch from side to side 左搖右晃

    • 3. 投球

      to be in there pitching 興致勃勃地參與

    • 4. 擊下旋高球
    • 5. 競標

      to pitch for sth. 投標競爭

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