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    pitch darkness

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    • 一些英文問題(有關修辭法) - 20點超急!!!

      1. Metaphor "vuture" "the eye" 讓人聯想到→simster, evil, ugly... 2. Simile 使人聯想到→dark room, black, not clean... 3. Simile ray of light, spiders thread, thin.... 4. Simile "watch in cotton" and "heart" →dull, smoothered...

    • 。急件。20點 請英文好的大大幫忙改一下

      1.nearly should be nearby 2.gradually 3.though she youth no longer 4.not right 5.its in the window 6.expel 7.prevails should be prevail 8.Germany 2006-01-18 17:35:19 補充: 3.though she youth no longer, not right,you have to rephrase it,like no longer youthful or smething, 2006-01-18 17:40:57...