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  1. pitch in

    • ph.
      動手做, 使勁做;協力, 做出貢獻
    • 釋義


    • 1. 動手做, 使勁做 After the Christmas dinner, we all pitched in to clean up the house. 耶誕晚餐後, 我們全都動手幫助清理房子。 They all pitched in and finished the work within two hours. 他們全部努力地做, 兩小時內就把工作完成了。
    • 2. 協力, 做出貢獻 We all pitched in to buy Uncle George a birthday present. 我們大家出錢給喬治叔叔買生日禮物。
    • 3. 大吃(某物) We had prepared supper for the team and they all pitched in. 我們給隊員準備了晚餐, 他們全都大吃起來。
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    • 有哪些英文單字能用來解釋語氣(tone)呢?

      ...表示該號電話佔線 9.[C] (linguistic) pitch aspect of a syllable; rise or fall of pitch in speaking (語言)音調; 聲調

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