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  1. pitch in with sth.

    • ph.
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    • 1. 主動幫助或支持 They pitched in with contributions of money. 他們主動捐款支援此事。
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      ...強隊的比賽,用足球場上的巴西對阿根廷來做比喻。」 我並未翻譯 ...think ..., with plenty of ups and downs over the year. 只講這裡 on the pitch 的用法,所以將 on the pitch 加引號。 若要具體翻譯,阿寬能看懂這一段,當然...

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      ... by a telephone call to a journalist, or a quick event notice outlined in a brief e-mail sent to an editor. Good press starts with your pitch. There are many aspects of creating good public ...

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      ...晃動和左右搖擺的運動,無論單一或者結合在一起,也都只有很小的暈車可能性。 pitch and roll should be combined in anonlinear fashion with heave and that such models will remain rather crude ifthey do not include a description...