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    • trend與tend可以通用嗎?

      ...作為動詞是朝某方向, tend 是趨向, 有某種趨勢. The road trends towards the railway station. 這條路通向火車站 He tends to pitch the ball too high. 他常把球擲得過高 He tends towards atheism. 他...

    • A question about matters of UK

      ...detrimental in terms of New Labour's pitch to Middle England. 2009-02-04 21:28:51... of the dangers of ‘a drift towards Balkanisation'. Surely nobody really...

    • 請問這些英文句子都是分詞構句嗎?

      ...from 1pm Sunday afternoon, .... 6. Despite being asked to continue pitching in the pouring rain, Wang showed his professionalism and...