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  1. pithiest

    • pithy的形容詞最高級
  2. 知識+

    • 翻譯幾句活動說明的英文

      ... movements and can just be uploaded, illustrate and appoint the pithy formula to prove 2. Verify mechanism, administrative staff in back-stage management...

    • 藺草的英文是?

      ...燈心草) 的英文是: Rush(es) rush : /rʌʃ/ n marsh plant with a slender pithy stem which is dried and used for making chair-seats...

    • 想問在特攻聯盟的漫畫裡看到的一句英文

      ...不同 i thought it would be more leaping over rooftops and pithy put-downs to purse snatchers .我還以為(當超級英雄、大俠)會都...