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    • 請幫我用英文造句 超級 拜託

      ... 94.3 is also called "Live Rock". They were going through some rocky...單複數沒差吧) He initially wanted to order pizza, but he ordered sushi instead. I was...

    • 英文英文英文!!

      1.A : Hi, Emma. 2.B : Hi, Linda. 3.A : Hey, do you have plan this Saturday? 4.B : Not yet, what’s up? 5.A : I’m going to shop at Breeze Center this Saturday...

    • 我要有關食物的英文單字

      ...-noodle 砂糖 Brown sugar 紅糖 Brown Sugar 冰糖 Rock Sugar 麥芽糖 Maltose 醬油 Soy sauce 醋 Vinegar...