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  1. place

    • IPA[plās]


    • n.
      a particular position or point in space;a particular point on a larger surface or in a larger object or area
    • v.
      put in a particular position;cause to be in a particular situation
    • noun: place, plural noun: places

    • verb: place, 3rd person present: places, gerund or present participle: placing, past tense: placed, past participle: placed

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    • place and location 有何不同?

      給你place跟location的字典解釋 place (vt.)放置,使…處於某位置;任命 ;C地方,地點...外景拍攝地 從這些解釋中你會發現: 1. location的意識比較地點比較明確(exact) 2. place比較沒那麼明確而比較偏向地方的名字(church, hotel, McDonalds..) ...

    • her place?????????

      her place = 從字面上看是『她的地方』,但是多半是暗指她家、她的住處,但也有可能...抽象的家,所以美國人比較不會用 her home 來表示她家所以 her place 和 her house 的意思比較接近,也比較常用

    • places的問題[急]!

      v.及物動詞) placed,, (1) To put in or as...3) To offer for consideration: 提出以供考慮: placed the matter before the board. 向委員會提出這件事 (4...