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    • Security Safety 的差異 工程用英文

      ...Safety:-condition of being safe; freedom from danger,harm or risk being led to a place of safety Safety checks are carried out took all safety...

    • safe 和 security 分別在何時使用??

      ...飛機航行時繫上您的安全帶(但不用繫的太緊)。 2. He was led to a place of safety (= somewhere he would not be in danger, especially of being found and ...

    • 心中的疑惑,請幫忙英文翻譯

      ...curious about you. 我的感覺是她對你很好奇 You seem to give her a place of safety she has never experienced before. 你給了他 不曾經歷過的安全感...