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    • 英文分析語法

      ...句子 Once one is aware of the emphasis he placed everything in the appropriate cultural context, it becomes...harbor serious doubt about this method. 1. 我去掉 on putting因為place本身可以當及物動詞...

    • 關於英文better副詞的用法問題。?

      ...after the main verb. It is possible to place the adverb before the verb to place emphasis on the adverb if the verb is transitive. But some adverbs, such as well...

    • 資料結構問題 翻譯英文(要人工翻譯!!)

      older ,unstructured strategy 較老舊缺乏結構的策略/先前缺乏結構的策略 places and early emphasis on the coding fine point 地方(?)與早先對編輯細微點的強調 (因為字句擷取不完整...