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      擬定...計劃 We have already made plans for our summer vacation and are very excited. 我們已經擬定了我們的暑假計劃而且很興奮。 Our plans must be made carefully, and our time must be used well. 我們的計劃必須小心地擬定, 同時我們的時間必須善加利用。
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    • 關於plan for 與tonight的用法

      ...的是你今晚有沒有什麼計畫?(你晚上有事嗎?的意思。) Do you have any plans for tonight? 強調的是你有沒有為"今天晚上"想一些計畫?( 有沒有為今晚設計...

    • My plan for my school life

      題目是 :My plan for my school life . I am a good student recognized by the... such as hstory, geography, mathematics, and English is the most for me . I plan in my school to study hard , to go college abroad. . What I really...

    • this weekend , for this weeken

      Don't you have a plan for this weekend? =你沒有這周末的計畫嗎?(使用時機:我可能知道你有不少其它...'s go away for the weekend. 所以你寫的Don't you have a plan in the weekend?有語病.介系詞應換作for.