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    • 小說翻譯 可挑戰程度 ~10點

      ...on the boat are shocked by this.Monk throws away the first piece of wood plank. When the wood plank just on the river he jump like flying, his...

    • six foot tall 與 six feet tall

      ...plank, but not a four feet plank; also correct is a plank four feet long (or, less frequently, four foot long). ... with numbers greater than one to refer to simple distance, however, only the plural feet...

    • 英翻中,煩請大家幫個忙。

      1))))個別的濃板 、回合或者文章有不到200毫米(8英寸)的至少一物理尺寸  濃; 2 ) ))這批貨物被垂直分開每200毫米(8英寸)給氣體洞察力 ; 以及3) )))有足夠的物理距離(至少50毫米/ 2英寸)  在木材和煙燻包圍的基地和屋頂之間。