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    • 這句話什麼意思?Why bother with justic

      ...有了日行記事本,還管他什麼正義啊? 這樣不難看出 day planner 是 Shore 用來罵法官太死板的跟著所定下的時間表做事。 粗淺的回答,希望有助您理解這句子的意思。 2010-05-18 15:57:12 補充: 也可以解釋為 當然!當日...

    • monks without a temple什麼意思?

      ...much more competent than those in family planning, he adds, so the family planners are more likely to lose their jobs.

    • replcability是什麼意思

      The new orthodoxy threatens to move the third-world planner even further right of center: The minimal egalitarian goals that were...