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  1. plans

    • plan的名詞複數
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    • plan-o-grams

      plan-o-grams 是一種零售方式 簡言之 零售商以簡易的上架方式就可販售...維基百科中有下列的解釋 A plan-o-gram is a diagram of fixtures and products that ...

    • 英翻中(Contingency planning)

      ... of how to effectively respond to those conditions? (A)Planning (B)Forecasting (C)Future analysis (D...

    • plan.teach動詞三態

      你好! planplan planed planed teach:teach taught taught 在奇摩字典就可以查到了! 2011-08-02 22:24:40 補充: Sorry, I forget a double “n&rdquo...