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  1. plants

    • plant的名詞複數
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    • ice plant 的資料

      Ice Plant Ice Plant, common name for a hardy annual herb (see Pink). ...inconspicuous flowers bear many slender, pinkish-white petals. The plant grows well in rocky or sandy areas and is cultivated...

    • planted itself in

      ...最佳爵士專輯》獎項並獲選為「中華音樂人交流協會」 〈2012年年度十大專輯〉planted itself in 其意 , 視文章而定EX; A radical’s action is...

    • foot plant翻譯

      ...translation by treating the lowest vertex of the output motion as a foot plant . 我們直接採用"原始動作"的旋轉平均值於"標的動作"上,並...