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    • [翻譯] 烹飪用的英文

      ...cream 打發的奶油(液狀奶油) Heat the cream in a heavy medium sauce pan over medium heat until it simmers. 將奶油倒入小鍋, 以中火加熱至小滾 Once melted pour into a small piece of plastic wrap. Gather the sides of the plastic and hold the pouch of chocolate quite...

    • 請問green house effect ?

      ...rsquo;s carbon dioxide emissions by up to percent over the course of a year. 4. Air filters...each year. 5. Instead of regular aluminum foil or plastic wrap, purchase recycled aluminum foil. It ...

    • 麻煩大家幫我翻譯一下...感謝歐

      主題: FW: 巨蟹星座新聞從約翰・Hopkins {病毒引擎被掃描} > > U 也許現在知道, 約翰・Hopkins 巨蟹星座中心設定了它第一> 中心在美國之外在新加坡。希望u 能告訴您的朋友> 買的危險拿走在塑膠容器裡!!! > > 巨蟹星座新聞從約翰斯...