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  1. plating

    • IPA[ˈpleɪtɪŋ]


    • n.
      a thin coating of gold, silver, or other metal;the process of applying plating
    • noun: plating, plural noun: platings

    • 釋義


    • 1. a thin coating of gold, silver, or other metal the pendants are enhanced by gold plating a copper core with a plating of silver
    • the process of applying plating plating technology
    • 2. an outer covering of flat metal sections the tractors carried steel plating for protection
    • 3. the process of knitting two yarns together so that each yarn appears mainly on one side of the finished piece.
    • 4. the racing of horses in which the prize for the winner is a plate.
  2. 知識+

    • plate of toast~的意思/文法?

      1. I meant please pass the plate of toast ---> 我的意思是請你傳一下那盤吐司麵包.2. Plate of toast...

    • HOT PLATE 是什麼??

      HOT PLATE 是吧 簡單的說 HOT 是熱的意思 PLATE 是盤子的意思 加在一起 叫做熱的盤子 當然不是這樣翻譯 這是一種實驗室常用到的泛用儀器 叫做是"電磁加熱攪拌機" 一般是用來作一些流體的加熱跟攪拌用

    • 請問serving dish和meat plate有什麼不同

      ...習慣上serving dish固定放在前面,不可以移動,也不可以拿起來。 meat plate和dinner plate指放菜餚的盤子,meat plate特別指放肉食的盤子。分菜時,meat plate...