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  1. play a part in


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    • 1. 在……起作用;參與 He has played an important part in carrying through the whole plan. 他在整個計畫的實行中扮演了重要的角色。
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    • 有關一句英文文法,到底差在哪?

      The airplanes play an important part __ the modern life. (A) in (B) of 恭喜版主答對了, 正解是...part後面的事物是主詞所屬的整體, 就用in. - part後面的事物與主詞相當, 就用of. 就是這樣...

    • role 與character的用法有何不同

      ...: 1. acting part: an individual part in a play, movie, opera, or other performance 2. specific function: book or movie: one of the people portrayed in a book, play, or movie 圖片參考:

    • 一句英文的文法解釋和翻譯

      ...the idea of innocence, rebirth, 純真和再生的想法 O and 連接另一個句子 plays  扮演 Vt a part 一個角色 O in the quasi-religious symbolism of the composition as a whole 在一個整體構成類似宗教的...