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  1. play fair

    • ph.
      公平競爭; 做事公正
    • 釋義


    • 1. 公平競爭; 做事公正 He always plays fair and keeps the rules of any game in which he takes part. 他總是公平競爭, 並遵守他所參加的任何比賽的規則。 Come on, you're not playing fair. 得了吧, 你這樣做不公平。
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      ...currency artificially low to help boost exports 應該是說明China dosen't play fair 而使得 keeping the value of its currency artificially low to help boost...

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      ...最天真,最不會欺騙人的人.2.When you play chess with your brother, play fair.要公平得和哥哥/弟弟玩西洋棋. (You must play chess fairly with your...

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      ... is what they have in mind. 6. Here in Taiwan it plays fair between men and women, In United States the...