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  1. play fast and loose

    • ph.
      behave irresponsibly or immorally
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    • ph.
      behave irresponsibly or immorally

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • A question about matters of UK

      ... nationalism, Brown has also accused the Tories of playingfast and loose’ with the unity of England and Scotland. 2009-02-04 21:29...

    • Pull a fast one 的 fast one 是什麼

      ... its source a line in a Shakepere’s play. Yet another person came forward todescribe and explain that the con game “fast and loose” was where it originatedfrom. This should give you something...

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      ... in something altogether fresh and unique. 簡而言之,火鳳凰整合了傳統... incorporating fast rolling texture tread with channel water should weather come into play. 一體成形的高速胎材外覆X形...