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    play fast and loose with

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    • A question about matters of UK

      ... nationalism, Brown has also accused the Tories of playingfast and loosewith the unity of England and Scotland. 2009-02-04 21:29:14 補充...

    • Pull a fast one 的 fast one 是什麼

      ...ownidea is quite in line with what OED says...a Shakepere’s play. Yet another person came forward todescribe and explain that the con game “fast and loose” was where it originatedfrom...

    • 請協助下列英文翻譯中文(關於自行車的), 20點贈送

      ... in something altogether fresh and unique. 簡而言之,火鳳凰整合... incorporating fast rolling texture tread with X-pattern water should weather come into play. 一體成形的高速胎材外覆...