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    play on (upon)

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    • 有關英語的兩問(upon.../現在完成式)

      1. 沒錯 upon/on 後面可加(所有格+動名詞) 括號內代表的是一個名詞片語 因此粗略來說upon/on 後面是加一個名詞 or 動名詞 2. 其實句子意思沒什麼差別 都可以

    • 商用英文選字1

      ... are fine. Then he played the message by pressing a key...button. 6.The message button/light on Albert's phone was... his jacket up on/upon a hook. He hung ...

    • 請問我該如何回覆這封信件要求的內容

      ...現在就是要你選擇下列兩項可能性才能進一步update你的account: a.) That you played poker in yourown interests on our site and with no prior knowledge of who your opponentswere>> 你...