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    • 1. 演奏

      I was playing on the piano when the telephone rang. 我正在彈鋼琴, 電話鈴響了。

    • 2. 發生影響

      See that direct heat does not play on it. 當心別讓它直接受熱。

    • 3. 【體】繼續比賽; 恢復比賽

      Some of the players claimed a penalty but the referee told them to play on. 有些隊員認為應當判罰, 但裁判讓他們繼續比賽。

  2. 知識+

    • 八年級英語

      They played on the computer for a long time.(用without合併句子) They didn't take a break...and didn't take a break. 2 without 介係詞 無, 沒有, 不 3 They played on the computer for long time .. without taking a break. .. [ 介系詞片語 ] 4...

    • 簡單英文題,快幫忙

      ... and Jack's uncle often asked them not to often play on their iPad. 2014-10-04 01:21:04 補充: 你想對我說 ==> 你...

    • 有關這句had a good time..

      兩句話的語意是不太相同的. We had a good time that we played on and on. 我們感到很愉快(高興), 就不斷地玩耍(演奏). 這裡that是連接詞, 引導一個...