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  1. play someone false

    • ph.
      prove treacherous or deceitful toward someone
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    • 英文演講題目 An Unforgettable Memory

      ..., when my brother and I play baseball, I'm not in the practice swing next to someone, only to find when I stick waving... thought she was just a false cry, because she usually are, then she...

    • 英文片語~急件

      ... to be good. 31. Someone has betrayed ...hungry. 34. Get serious and stop playing. 35. One solution solves...straight. 37. Don't give a false alarm. 38. It's a well-...

    • 幫忙翻譯幾句英文(商管類)請勿用翻譯軟體

      ... next shot. If you show someone where to hit the ball, you have to move away from that line of play before the stroke is made...039;s a water hazard behind the bunker or a false front to the green. Just don'...