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  1. play sth. up

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    • 1. 欲使某事物顯得比實際重要 She played up her past achievements just to impress us. 她誇耀過去的成績就是為了讓我們覺得她了不起。



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    • 英文解答及文法

      C(agree on/about sth) C(enable sb to do sth) A(suggest that we (should)try other ways...主詞所以用單數is D同上題 A/C (advise someone to do sth) (advise that someone (should)do sth) C(that做連接詞引領子句)

    • 希望大家可以幫我英文造句

      ...all the diffulties, I didn't give up. With all you love, I believe I will...left already. 24. There are some boys playing baseball. 25. There is no money left in ...

    • 請問可惜的 的英文是??

      ...39;s a pity that Helen could not stay and play with you. (後面接名詞子句,說明甚麼事“很可惜... something, it 's a pity to give it up. (it’s a pity to do Sth的句型) It 's a pity to lose your...