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    play the peacock

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    • 英文文法的問題選擇

      ... Department. The peacock's many-colored "tail"...many of which are beneficial to the human body. Now that you have... can hardly sing, let alone play any musical instrument. I, therefore...

    • 中翻英 !!!!!! 很多句子要翻

      ... have one to ride the bicycle rotary island traveling the dream 20.205 public vehicles to anchor stand in ... 7. Taking advantage of 8. each matter 9. peacock 找的有點辛苦,大概就這樣 希望答案您能滿意 ^.^

    • ”others” ”the others”的用法?

      ... in the zoo. Some are peacocks. Some are parrots.... .... 因此 1. Some of the boys are playing baseball. _____ are playing tennis...