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    • 1. 同……配戲 It seems that she needs two good actors to play up to her. 看來她需要兩位好演員與她配戲。
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    • 炒新聞的英文怎說 ??

      製造新聞:making the news 炒新聞:play up (play up something: to make something more easily noticed) Ex.: The report plays...

    • 請幫我翻譯??playing up in

      哈囉!! 大大 我幫您翻譯^^ I used to spend all day playing up in our tree house 我以前整天打在我們的樹屋。 I even ...

    • 一篇文章的文法 20point+

      ... with a big idea: video display, with a wafer-thin 6.5mm firmness design. It plays up to 5 hours of video or 24 hours of audio. All iPods...