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    • 自動彈奏的英文怎麼說??

      ... is a mechanically operated piano which also called player piano.a mechanically operated --所謂自動彈奏就是機器操縱自動彈奏的鋼琴專有名詞...

    • 英文翻譯~急件(禁用翻譯軟題)

      ...strategy, handcraft skills, history, reputation, and preference of well-known piano players became the key factors to success 例如,史坦威一年只生產約2000...

    • 簡單英文文章內容釋疑簡單英文文章內容釋疑

      ...以藝術創新聞名。 [3 He was a skilled piano player and musical director of the Modern Jazz... was greatly influenced by the piano style of the famous jazz bandleader,Count Basie...