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  1. plea bargaining

    • IPA[ˈplē ˌbärɡəniNG]
    • n.
      an arrangement between a prosecutor and a defendant whereby the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge in the expectation of leniency.
    • noun: plea-bargaining, plural noun: plea bargainings

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    • 英文問題~一些中文名詞翻譯

      你很用心,大部分都翻譯得不錯。 2、避重就輕:Evades the important questions for the easy。這樣太長了,只要evasive即可。 5、萎縮:例句:此市場日漸萎縮。 The sale market came to a recess. 7、國土流失:The national territory drainage 8、國際形象...