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  1. pleasant-sounding

    • adj.
      producing an agreeable sound or impression
    • 釋義


    • 1. producing an agreeable sound or impression the tunes are pleasant-sounding pleasant-sounding names
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    • 美國城市的翻譯pleasant hill

      ...many Chinese site, but didn't find anything on Pleasant Hill in Chinese. The translations are just the way it would sound in Chinese. So unless it's big ...

    • (英文)麻煩幫我中翻英要留給朋友的留言

      ... 謝謝你帶來那麼好聽的聲音 Thank you for bringing so pleasant a sound 我會繼續支持你!! I will continue supporting you! !

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      ...make + 受詞 + 形容詞; pleasant 是形容詞, 所以 make . . . . as pleasant as possible.)some of them have flowers and...colorful marble and tile. ceilings are sometimes sound-proof (名詞加proof表示"防. . .的",如防彈--bullet...