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    • 請懂英文的達人幫我解答及翻譯

      ...blonket for my puppy. *拼字有誤: Here is a blanket for my puppy...can run 我會跑/我可以跑 st***up please. stand up please. 請站起來 I...跳舞/我會跳舞 The fox can s**q. *這題我沒辦法回答,若題目是 sq...

    • 需要將下列中文翻譯成英文

      Here you go: 昨天會議決定,每位演講者只要準備一份40-50分鐘的簡報,接著約40分鐘Q&A時間。附件為演講者履歷表格式,請於4... by a 40-minute Q&A session. Please fill out the attached speaker résumé...

    • 英文-直接問句改為間接問句

      ... grade is the highest. I don't know who was here last night. Please tell me which is yours. 2. Q:Whose car is that? A:I don't know whose car...