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    • Please make yourself at home文法

      您好,請參考~ make oneself at home是一個片語 直譯~當做是在自己家裡一樣 也就是叫對方[別客氣],[不要拘束]的意思

    • Tell me the meaning, please.

      are not made to last = 不是永久性的 2013-11-22 15:16:13 補充: Although most of the pavilions for World's Fairs are not made to last, some still exist. 雖然全世界絕大部分的展會之會館(會場),在搭建之時的本意都不是要讓它們...

    • 有關L/C 信用狀英翻中

      "Please change at sight on L/C. Use no. of days here...。 如果Master L/C是即期信用狀 (at sight L/C),Back-to-Back L...