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  1. plot out


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    • 1. 分配;分開 You should plot out your time properly. 你應該合理分配自己的時間。
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    • 請問一句關於that greeted的句子

      ... and telling me after he saw the movie that the plot turned out to be different from what he thought he had realized while...

    • 英文翻譯或文法He was so lonely

      He was so lonely that he felt like playing with the shard that frequented the beach with a sly plot. 他如此孤單,他想要和用一個狡猾的情節時常來訪了海灘的碎片玩。

    • 急,徵求達人幫我看英文文法是否正確

      the plot 劇情 is not very attractive. she used the character 角色 of vampire to create many unexpected ... 作者the writer used her dream as.. but it also gives us some positive thinking.