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  1. plough

    • IPA[plaʊ]



    • n.
      犁; 著手;snowplough
    • vt.
      犁; 犁出;用掃雪機清掃
    • vi.
      犁地; 耕地
    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 犁; 著手 a horse and plough 一套馬和犁 under the plough 用於耕作的
    • 2. snowplough


    • 1. 犁; 犁出 a ploughed field 犁過的田地 to plough a lonely furrow 自耕孤疇
    • 2. 用掃雪機清掃
    • 3. 未通過; 使…不及格


    • 1. 犁地; 耕地


    1. turn up the earth of (an area of land) with a plough, especially before sowing

    2. (especially of a vehicle) move in a fast and uncontrolled manner

    3. advance or progress laboriously or forcibly

  2. 知識+

    • plow”的翻譯?

      most people use the money well and then plow both money and knowledge back into their communities. 譯: 大多數的人...

    • plow through是什麼意思??

      1.開路;破浪前進 2.鑽研;苦讀 以上是yahoo字典翻譯出來

    • 請將這個句子英文翻成中文!!(愈清楚愈好)

      Plowing was hard work when a man had to depend on an animal instead of a tractor. 當一個人必須倚靠動物而不是拖拉機時,耕地就是個很辛苦的工作。 Plowing【耕、犁】 depend on【倚靠、依賴】 tractor【拖拉機、牽引機】