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  1. plough on

    • vi.
      堅持下去; 繼續前進
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    • 請將這個句子英文翻成中文!!(愈清楚愈好)

      Plowing was hard work when a man had to depend on an animal instead of a tractor. 當一個人必須倚靠動物而不是拖拉機時,耕地就是個很辛苦的工作。 Plowing【耕、犁】 depend on【倚靠、依賴】 tractor【拖拉機、牽引機】

    • 請各位大大幫忙我中翻英這段文字!

      ...very straight advance, in the advance process can then cause the agriculture tool smooth to carry on plows the work. On the recovery aspect, the completely manual recovery must the appendix quite...

    • about ”The Crucible”

      ... witchcraft. 5, Whose faith was questioned because he plowed on Sunday? If i remember correctly there was this richman trying...