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  1. plow under

    • ph.
      bury in the soil by plowing
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    • 請提供這首詩的賞析→Is my team plowing

      這首其實還蠻難的, 其實您要注意看說基數篇是死去的人跟他的朋友講話,講的內容都是用引號來詮釋。 偶數篇是他朋友的回答,並沒有用引號。 死人: 我的隊員是不是在犁地 我之前也是在做這個 我聽到馬鞍上的鈴聲在響 當我還活著的時候 友人: 是的,馬群正在踏步 馬鞍的...

    • BBC新聞翻譯:China has built

      ...plant in Pakistan while a second is under construction. Beijing is the largest...在戰鬥機上也有研發合作 China has also ploughed millions of dollars in a "megaport"...

    • 再幫忙中翻英一下~急急急~~~

      ... to publish the reading industry the depth to plough and to artistic humanities persisting, have caused... static state reading, also in extend under the reading concept, conduct many Yuan cultural...