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      把插頭插入插座, 插電; 把兩個電氣連接在一起, 使其中一個操控另一個;塞入洞內或空洞; 探知, 欲了解一群人(或其觀念、思想)
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    • 1. 把插頭插入插座, 插電; 把兩個電氣連接在一起, 使其中一個操控另一個 She plugged the lamp into a wall-socket. 她把台燈的插頭插進牆上的插座。 There is nothing wrong with your wall plug. You just need to plug it into a different plug. 你牆上的插頭沒有毛病。你只需把它插在不同的插座。
    • 2. 塞入洞內或空洞; 探知, 欲了解一群人(或其觀念、思想) She has a hearing device plugged into her ear. 她的耳朵塞著助聽器。 What he is really trying to do is to plug into people's fantasies. 他真正企圖要做的事是探究人們的奇特的幻想。
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      (2)the earphone is properly plugged into the player把耳機適當地插入機座(3)the volume is adjusted to sufficient level把聲量調到足夠的水準(4)the format of flash drive is fat16or fat12把快閃驅動器的格式訂在 fat16 或 fat12

    • 產品基本功能敘述問題 (急20點) her math. 她埋頭攻讀數學。 2.接通電源;連接[( in)] You can plug into the international computer network. 你可以連接上國際電腦網路。 3.【俚】槍擊;打...

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      ...socket"? unless you are a wall, you dont have any socket. "put the electric plug into the socket" is redundant. Where else will you put the plug? (nevermind...