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  1. plumb

    • IPA[pləm]


    • v.
      measure (the depth of a body of water);(of water) be of a specified depth
    • n.
      a plumb bob.
    • adv.
      exactly;to a very high degree; extremely
    • adj.
    • verb: plumb, 3rd person present: plumbs, gerund or present participle: plumbing, past tense: plumbed, past participle: plumbed

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. measure (the depth of a body of water) I plumbed the depth and found the bottom of the shelf to be seven meters down
    • (of water) be of a specified depth at its deepest the lake scarcely plumbed seven feet
    • explore or experience fully or to extremes she had plumbed the depths of depravity
    • 2. test (an upright surface) to determine the vertical they are valuable aids in plumbing the frames and keeping the side of the ship fair


    • 1. a plumb bob.



    • 1. vertical ensure that the baseboard is straight and plumb